On-Demand Webcast

NISD – Security Recommendations for OES’s

It’s been almost a year since the introduction of the Network and Information Security Directive – a piece of legislation that was overshadowed to a large extent by the almost simultaneous implementation of the GDPR, but for Operators of Essential Services NISD was and continues to be a very big deal.

With this in mind we thought now would be a good time to re-examine NISD in the context of Industrial Control Systems and establish what’s really changed, what hasn’t and whether there are any concrete examples of best practices that we can all take advantage of – and that’s where the next edition of the McAfee webinar series will focus. We are partnering with Attivo Networks and Indegy to examine better ways of delivering visibility and detection in your ICS environments.

In this webinar you will:

  • Get an overview reminder of the requirements of NISD
  • Examine several use cases on NISD security requirements
  • Learn about McAfee’s Device to Cloud security architecture and ICS/IIOT can be protected
  • Understand how to enhance your asset visibility with Indegy
  • Discover how Attivo Networks and McAfee integrates to increase threat detection rates
  • Understand the sources of Threat Intelligence and how to integrate them into an ICS environment
  • Look at best practice examples and understand how to imitate them.