On-Demand Webcast

Securing Industry 4.0

It’s a fact that IT-OT transformation is accelerating and the need for ever more automation and data exchange is being felt more and more acutely. The security challenges that come with this transition (from delivering new types of asset visibility, to the demand for highly focused threat intelligence, to necessary culture changes across the entire workforce) often fall at the feet of the embattled CISO.

But, what is this going to mean for your specific business, or even your specific job role? And, what can you do to prepare for the unstoppable force that Industry 4.0 appears to be? In this edition of McAfee’s webinar series, we’ll be looking to answer these questions and more.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Discover the key trends that are driving Industry 4.0
  • Examine the current and future technologies helping to secure Industry 4.0
  • Understand how McAfee is working with Indegy to deliver secure Operational Technology today
  • Get the opportunity to have your specific questions answered by the experts