This email has been sent to notify you that a user has submitted a form on McAfee.com and this email address was assigned to receive notifications of those submissions. Policies prevent sharing the submitted data via email, however you can login to McAfee’s Adobe Campaign instance to view the data submitted. Click here new to launch Adobe Campaign and after logging in, you will be prompted for the form name and email address. Please reference a recent email for the details. Once entered, the system will display any form submissions that were sent to the email address.

If you would like the notification to be sent to a different email address, please contact DL SiteUpdates with the request and include the email subject, old email address and new email address. If the email notification to be changed is valid for a subset of users, for example, EMEA countries only, please specify the details.

The form report will include either the latest record of submitted form data with options to view additional records submitted previously.

The datetime of the form submissions should be displayed followed by the form data in the order entered in the form configuration including any hidden fields.

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Work Phone: ${businessPhone}
Street Address: ${address1}
City: ${city}
Country: ${country}
State/Province: ${state}
Zip Code: ${zipCode}
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Comments: ${comments}
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