Today’s IT departments face tremendous pressure to ensure that their endpoints comply with many different security policies, operating procedures, corporate IT standards, and regulations. Extending the viability of fixed-function devices such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals, customer service terminals, and legacy NT platforms has become critical

McAfee Application Control uses dynamic whitelisting to ensure that only trusted applications run on devices, servers, and desktops. This provides IT with the greatest degree of visibility and control over clients, and helps enforce software license compliance.

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Trial Installation Requirements

During the installation of this McAfee endpoint suite, the McAfee Application Control client and associated management files were checked into your McAfee ePO server. Note that after deployment of McAfee Application Control, a reboot is required.

Entering the License Key

A license key for McAfee Application Control for Desktop was provided as part of the download. The key is located in a file called McAfeeApplicationControlLicenseKey.txt in the \PostInstall directory where you unzipped the installer. The following steps detail the processes for entering the license key.

  1. Click Menu | Configuration | Server Settings, select Solidcore from the Setting Categories, and then click Edit at the bottom right.
  2. On the line for Application Control, type or copy\paste the license key, and then click Save.

To obtain the optimal deployment and testing environment, please refer to the Best Practices Guide for Application Control.

Application Control and Host IPS on the Same System

Both McAfee Application Control and Host IPS provide system memory protection. If you are planning to install both products on the same desktop, you will need to disable the memory protection feature of McAfee Application Control. After installation of McAfee Application Control, a reboot is required. Before rebooting use the following steps to assign the Disable-MP client task to any systems meeting the above mentioned criteria.

  1. Click the System Tree button, select the necessary group, and then click Assigned Client Tasks.
  2. Click Actions, then click New Client Task Assignment.
  3. Under Product, select Solidcore 6.1.0.
  4. Under Task Type, select SC: Run Commands.
  5. Under Task Name, select the Disable-MP, and then click Next.
  6. On the Schedule page, set the following options:
    • Schedule status Enabled
    • Schedule type Run Immediately
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Summary page, click Save.
  9. Send a Wake Up Call to the group or systems to have clients retrieve the task and execute it immediately.
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