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Top Ransomware

Ransomware Description
SamSa - Ransomware The ransomware targets a range of sectors including healthcare, industrial control, and government. The malicious software seeks out insecure RDP connections as well as vulnerable JBoss systems to carry out its infections.
BTCWare - Ransomware The ransomware demands 0.5 bitcoin for the decryption key and uses AES encryption. The malicious software was first discovered in early 2017 with new variants appearing on a consistent basis.
GandCrab 4 - Ransomware The ransomware demands $1,200.00 in DASH or Bitcoin for the decryption key and appends ".KRAB" to infected files. The malicious software is capable of sending the IP address, computer name, network name, and username from the compromised host to hard-coded URLs. The ransomware is also programmed to kill a range of processes including msftesql.exe, sqlagent.exe, sqlbrowser.exe, sqlwriter.exe, and oracle.exe.