Reduce the risk of malware and data loss

Secure Web Connectivity

McAfee Web Protection uses secure web gateway technology to protect every device, user, and location from internet threats.

Comprehensive Protection

Security teams reduce their endpoint remediation efforts dramatically, improve their incident response practice, and maintain consistent protection wherever a user travels.

Flexible Deployment Options

All deployment options—cloud, on premises, and hybrid—are built with the same web security technology, ensuring every path to the internet receives equal protection.

Web Security

McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee Web Gateway is a high-performance secure web gateway with best-in-class threat protection in one unified appliance software architecture.

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McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service is a cloud-delivered web security service built with best-in-class threat protection.

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McAfee Web Protection

McAfee Web Protection is a web security solution that includes an on-premises secure web gateway and SaaS-based web security delivered from the cloud.

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