A Look Ahead To 2022:
Predictions Around the Top Cyber Threats to Enterprises

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye released its 2022 Threat Predictions, examining the top cybersecurity threats they predict enterprises will face in 2022.

#1 Lazarus Wants To Add You as a Friend

  • Nation States will weaponize social media to target more enterprise professionals
  • Successful approach will become more common
  • Vector growth and infiltration through espionage groups

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#2 Help Wanted: Bad Guys With Benefits

  • Nation states will increase their offensive operations by leveraging cybercriminals
  • Hackers will be hired to write code and conduct
  • Start-up company and front companies controlled by nation state intelligence orgs

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#3 Game of Ransomware Thrones

  • Self-reliant cybercrime groups will shift the balance of power with RaaS eco-kingdom
  • Matter of time before some individuals believe they aren’t getting their fair share
  • Power shift from those who control the ransomware to those who control victims’ networks

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#4 Ransomware For Dummies

  • Less-skilled operators won’t have to bend the knee in RaaS model power shift
  • Potential migration back to early days of ransomware
  • Decreased dependency on technical expertise of affiliates

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#5 Keep a Close Eye on API

  • 5G and IoT traffic between API services and apps will make them increasingly lucrative targets
  • Evolution of malware attacks to use more cloud APIs
  • Misuse of APIs to launch attacks on enterprise data

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#6 Hijackers Will Target Your Application Containers

  • Expanded exploitation of containers will lead to endpoint resource takeovers
  • Increasing attacks on orchestration layer
  • Increased image, registry and container risks targeting vulnerable applications

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#7 Zero Care About Zero Days

  • Time to repurpose vulnerabilities into working exploits will be measured in hours
  • Enterprises should revisit their asset and patch management
  • Renewed focus on reducing “time to patch”

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McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions

As our dependency on technology grows, breaches are no longer limited to a specific platform or device. Everything is connected and everything is a target for cybercriminals, who are increasingly collaborating to escalate their efforts. Learn how our McAfee Labs researchers think the threats landscape will evolve in 2019.

Key trends to watch in 2019 include:

  • Mobile phones and digital assistants will become the next vectors for home IoT attacks
  • Criminal underground will consolidate, creating more partnerships to fuel cybercrime
  • Artificial intelligence will aid cybercriminal evasion techniques
  • Misinformation campaigns will target wider audiences—such as individual companies—in a new hunting ground for malicious actors
  • Increased use of multifaceted or synergistic attacks will cause confusion and hide ultimate attack goals
  • The cloud and data-rich identity platforms will become the primary battlegrounds for data breaches
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