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SIEM, Security Analytics, or Both? Find Your Best Strategy with Use Cases

As the need for security monitoring and analytics grows so do the number of different solutions. ‘Traditional’ SIEMs have become yesterday’s technology while ‘advanced analytics’ has taken center stage with next-gen SIEMs and UEBA dominating the conversation. How do you sort through the options to decide what’s best for your organization? What are the key use cases involving either or both platforms? Where does one platform shine over the other? Can they work together? Join our conversation as we discuss these questions to help you decide on your security operations strategy moving forward.

Patty Hatter

Mike Rothman

Analyst and President, Securosis

Mike Rothman’s bold perspectives and irreverent style are invaluable as companies determine effective strategies to grapple with the dynamic security threatscape. Mike specializes in the sexy aspects of security, like protecting networks and endpoints, security management, and compliance. Mike is one of the most sought after speakers and commentators in the security business and brings a deep background in information security. After 20 years in and around security, he's one of the guys who "knows where the bodies are buried" in the space. His areas of coverage include SIEM, Endpoint, Network Security and Compliance.

Patty Hatter

Mike Epplin

Sales Engineer and SIEM Specialist, McAfee

Mike Epplin serves as Regional Specialist, focusing on McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, McAfee Behavioral Analytics and McAfee Investigator. He supports sales teams and customers and specializes in use case development, correlation, integration and orchestration. Mike has been with McAfee for over 7 years, previously as a solutions architect and sales enablement consultant. Prior to that, Mike worked at NitroSecurity as a channel solutions architect and LogMatrix (also known as OpenService) where he helped develop a risk-based SIEM offering. He has over 20 years of networking and security experience including serving proudly in the United States Air Force with the 3rd Combat Communication Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Patty Hatter

Nina Smith

Product Manager, McAfee

Nina Smith is a Product Manager covering Enterprise Security Manager and Behavioral Analytics. Nina also works with the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance to enlist high value partners which help extend the McAfee product portfolio. She has been with McAfee since 1999 and is based in Plano, Texas.