On-Demand Webcast

Hunting with Threat intelligence Across the Enterprise

As organizations become increasingly complex, with critical applications running in a variety of locations and environments, it is getting more and more difficult to identify sophisticated cyber-attacks designed specifically to be hard to detect. This is where Cyber Threat Intelligence comes into its own, empowering organizations to develop a proactive cybersecurity posture that anticipates threats and allows for predictive hardening of the environment and faster, more accurate detection of intrusions.

There are now a growing number of organizations investing in dedicated Cyber Threat Intelligence teams and embracing semi-automation to increase scale and efficiency, according to a recent SANS survey on Cyber Threat Intelligence. So, if you’re considering joining this group, or have already done so and are looking to ensure your investment is delivering to its optimum level, why not join us for this On-Demand Webcast of cyber security webinars which will be looking at this very area?

In this webinar you will :

  • Uncover where Threat Intelligence fits into the overall cyber defense processes
  • Witness a demonstration of practical use cases for automating key Threat Intelligence tasks
  • Learn how McAfee TIE, MVISION EDR, MVISION Cloud and ThreatQ technologies work together to enable hunting across the digital enterprise
  • Discover integration blueprints and where automation can be used to improve endpoint defenses and threat hunting
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about how you can improve your cyber defenses with the judicious use of Threat Intelligence.