Who We Are

License Compliance Services (LCS) is the only group within McAfee that certifies our customers’ software deployment. Our set of customized tools and processes are tailored specifically to our customers’ needs and designed to have minimal impact on IT resources.

McAfee conducts industry-leading compliance reviews with customers and LCS is responsible for enforcing compliance with our software agreements and related policies.

Staffed with more than 50 professionals, including localized support around the globe, LCS has decades of software licensing experience and approaches the work with unmatched integrity, passion, and commitment.

What We Do

Managing compliance of software assets can be a challenge due to the increasing complexity of software licensing. McAfee LCS specialists will help you understand your entitlements and offer best practices to ensure you adhere to your software license agreement. We provide the following:


Customer License Review

The license review program is designed to ensure customers remain in compliance based on the terms of their End User License Agreement (EULA), as well as ensure their existing licensing sufficiently meets their organization's needs. The customer is requested to run specific McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) reporting, if applicable, and certify all current usage. A true-up, or reconciliation of the differences in the reporting versus your active McAfee grant, would immediately follow if an overage is discovered.

Many software license management tools, such as McAfee ePO, are available to help you determine the number of McAfee software licenses deployed on your network. Running these tools and comparing your deployment numbers to your active McAfee grants is a best practice in maintaining compliance with your EULA.

If you find that your organization does not appear to be in compliance, McAfee will work with you to acquire the appropriate McAfee licenses necessary for your organization to resume adherence.

Support Renewal Policy

An active support agreement is vital to the function and security of your McAfee software deployment. Once expired, a McAfee customer is no longer entitled to product updates, upgrades, or technical phone support. While some product functionality stops upon the expiration of support, others require action on the part of the customer to prevent the continued utilization of updates. The continued use of support features beyond the expiration of your grant represents a breach of your EULA and requires a full renewal of support, including accrued out-of-compliance fees.

To accommodate any unforeseen delays in the renewal process and ensure support does not expire, we strongly encourage you to submit your purchase order several weeks in advance of your expiration date.

Software Asset Management

To effectively manage your software assets, your organization will need to know what type of McAfee products you have installed on your network. Regular software license reviews can help you determine this.

Many software license review tools such as McAfee ePO or other third-party tools are available to help you determine what type of software is installed on your network. Running these tools and comparing the results to your license documentation is a good first step in determining whether your organization is in compliance.

If you find that your organization does not appear to be in compliance, McAfee will work with you to acquire the appropriate McAfee licenses necessary to legalize your needs.

For more information or to report instances of noncompliance, please contact McAfee License Compliance Services.


Is this spam?

The deployment certification request that you received is not spam. This request is asking that you provide a certification of deployment in adherence with the McAfee End User License Agreement (EULA).

Why has my company received this deployment certification request? Are we being audited?

This is a periodic review that may be asked of any of our customers, as per Section 12 of our End User License Agreement.

The goal of this review is to ensure your company maintains proper licenses for the McAfee products your company has deployed. If during the process of the review, your company is found out of compliance, one of our LCS consultants will work with you to resume adherence to your McAfee EULA.

How is my software licensed?

McAfee offers multiple licensing meters for our products and suites. Please refer to our Product Entitlement Definitions.

Can I extend my due date?

Although we do not extend expiration dates, please work with your McAfee license consultant and sales account manager for further solutions.

What is noncompliance?

Noncompliance with software license agreements may include using more capacity than licensed for the McAfee product technology or accessing future versions of product upon or after support grant expiration. Noncompliance occurs when software is used in ways that violate the terms of McAfee’s license agreement. Examples include companies utilizing more nodes than purchased or accessing future versions of a product after support or maintenance has expired.

What is software piracy?

Software piracy is the unauthorized use, downloading, replication, or distribution of software. Anytime someone uses the software beyond the scope of the license, that person—or company—is violating the license agreement and copyright law. For more information, please refer to the McAfee Anti-Piracy Policy.

I purchased a perpetual license. Why am I required to renew support?

Although your company purchased a perpetual license, in order to continue to receive upgrades, updates (.DAT files, signature sets, policy updates, and database updates for the software), and telephone support for your McAfee products, you must purchase and maintain your support agreement. See McAfee Support Terms and Conditions.

What is migration support?

When a customer transitions from McAfee to a competitor, there is a requirement to keep the support current until the McAfee product line has been completely removed from the environment. McAfee can continue the support to allow the customer to remain in compliance during this transition period. If there is a requirement to add licenses due to a true-up review, those licenses will automatically be sold with a 12-month support term and are unable to be sold with any shorter support term.

I have run my McAfee ePO reports. Why does the number of nodes managed appear to be incorrect or overstated?

McAfee can provide instructions based on your McAfee ePO version to run the McAfee ePO inactive Agent cleanup tool. These version‐specific instructions will remove inactive agents (such as retired machines) that appear as being managed in your McAfee ePO administrator’s console.

Which grant number does this review apply to?

This review is not specific to a single grant number; it is a review of your total current McAfee licenses and deployment for all products in use.

We just renewed our support, or are in the process of renewing, so why have I received a License Review?

McAfee appreciates that you have decided to renew your support entitlement; however, a certification of deployment is required to bring your review to closure. The goal of this review is to ensure your company maintains proper licenses for the McAfee products your company has deployed.

My support has expired. Do I have a grace period to renew my support?

In order for your company to continue to receive .DAT updates, software updates, as well as technical support on your McAfee products, your support must be renewed on or before the expiration of your existing entitlement period. McAfee does not extend a grace period for renewing your support entitlement. In the event that a delay occurs between the expiration of your support entitlement and your renewal, the renewed entitlement will be back dated to the date of expiration.

When I submit my certification of deployment, is home or student use included?

Yes, both home and student use are subject to the EULA or Master License Agreement and therefore need to be included in your deployment certification. In addition, since both home and student are consumer products and do not run through McAfee ePO, they require a manual certification of deployment.

There are a lot of numbers being reported on my McAfee ePO Deployment Report. What do they mean?

The licensing reports in McAfee ePO capture total machine counts, total usage per product, by OS type, etc. An LCS specialist can help you understand the usage included in the reports and how to compare it to your licenses referenced on your grant letter.

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For more information or to report instances of noncompliance, please contact McAfee License Compliance Services.