Compliance with Privacy Laws and Regulations

All McAfee Enterprise suppliers processing personal data must execute the Privacy Exhibit located here.
McAfee Enterprise’s Data Processing Exhibit for Suppliers

Supplier Ethics

McAfee Enterprise expects all McAfee Enterprise employees and suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. Go to our Supplier Ethics Expectations web page reminding our suppliers of these expectations, and to access training and other valuable information.

Supplier Security Requirements

All McAfee Enterprise suppliers are expected to meet a minimum set of security requirements. Download McAfee Enterprise Supplier Security Requirements and Expectations to learn more.

Supplier Diversity Program

The McAfee Enterprise Supplier Diversity Program encourages the use of minority-, women-, and disabled veteran-owned businesses (MWDVBEs) while maintaining best-in-class supply chain practices for obtaining goods and services.

McAfee Enterprise Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All McAfee Enterprise purchases will be governed pursuant to the McAfee Enterprise Purchase Order Terms and Conditions contained here.

Supplier Software Security

All McAfee Enterprise suppliers providing or developing software for McAfee Enterprise are expected to use industry recognized software security best practices that exceed or are substantially similar to the McAfee Enterprise Product Security Practices including running software security testing prior to delivering any software release to McAfee Enterprise.


Many businesses and organizations are unaware they may be using illegal software. Illegally distributing and using software is a significant problem that hurts McAfee Enterprise and all software publishers. Our products, solutions, and services exist to assure the technology that powers your business is secure and available — from the desktop to the network core, and across the servers you rely on to deliver your competitive advantage. We want you to have the information you need so you get maximum value from our products — legally.

Software piracy is a significant problem costing the industry billions of dollars annually. McAfee Enterprise is committed to educating our authorized users and, when necessary, bringing those violating our licenses into compliance. Please review our Anti-Piracy Policy.

McAfee Enterprise Data Processing Exhibit for Suppliers

McAfee Enterprise Data Processing Exhibit for Suppliers (View document only)
McAfee Enterprise Standard Contractual Clauses for Suppliers (View document only)