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Detection rate is the McAfee global detection prevalence of artifacts related to the campaign under analysis over a period of time.

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Want more threat insights and customized prescribed prevention guidance on these campaigns for your environment? Get MVISION Insights. (If you have the latest MVISION suites, you may already be entitled.)
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About this Preview

What is MVISION Insights?

MVISION Insights is the first and only proactive solution that allows you to get ahead of your adversaries. This page offers a preview for the information you will have access to with the full version of MVISION Insights. Simply click and explore! MVISION Insights works best with the latest McAfee Endpoint solutions.

What does this data represent?

The data is a sample of the most recent top threats and several severe threats that McAfee is actively tracking. The threat information includes the description, prevalence, IOCs, MITRE details, mitigation guidance, and other resources. It is updated weekly. McAfee will offer intelligence on the latest threat. Please note if the threat is very new, there will be a small delay on the mitigation guidance which requires additional research and testing.

Is the mitigation guidance actionable?

The mitigation guidance for this preview is overall guidance. Once installed in your environment, MVISION Insights will assess your local environment and offer customized prescribed guidance.

More questions?

Contact your McAfee Representative for a free demo of MVISION Insights.

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