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McAfee Network Security Platform (NS-Series)

McAfee Network Security Platform is a next-generation intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) that discovers and blocks sophisticated malware threats across the network. It employs advanced detection and emulation techniques, moving beyond mere pattern matching to defend against stealthy attacks with a high degree of accuracy.

Data Sheet

McAfee Network Security Platform (NS series) Specifications Sheet

View the technical specifications for McAfee Network Security Platform.

Data Sheet

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform is a complete network threat and IPS solution designed for use in IaaS environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, OCI, and private and public clouds. It quickly detects and protects against advanced attacks, including zero-day malware, SQL injection, and east-west lateral intrusion.

White Paper

High-Performance Inbound SSL Inspection for McAfee Network Security Platform

A patent-pending McAfee technology uses an agent-based key interception approach that enables McAfee Network Security Platform to quickly and efficiently decrypt and analyze inbound SSL traffic to help uncover potential threats that cloak themselves in encryption.

White Paper

Load Balancing with McAfee Network Security Platform

This white paper describes how clusters of McAfee Network Security Platform sensors can help load balance traffic meet the throughput requirements of larger enterprises.

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