The Need for Automotive Security


Recommendations for security and privacy in the era of the next-generation car

Successful attacks on automotive computer systems are becoming a reality, highlighting the increased threats to next-generation cars and motor vehicles. Equipping cars with internet connectivity opens worlds of convenience and possibility; however, it also opens windows of opportunity for bad actors and malicious activity. We’re putting resources and research into automotive security so connectivity can mean capability, not compromise or worse.

  • Our white paper contains recommendations for building security into the design, fabrication, and operation phases of the automotive production process. It is also a call to action for the automotive industry and others to proactively integrate best practices into current processes.
  • We were instrumental in forming the non-profit Automotive Security Review Board to meet the research needs of next-generation cars. The board will fuse mainstream with alternative industry research to deliver tomorrow’s automotive security—creating a safer transportation environment. The board is comprised of technical experts and world-renowned security experts and researchers.
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