To be maximally effective, data security today needs to be everywhere, from the server to the endpoint, at the office and at home, throughout the cloud and across the web. When your data is everywhere, it’s difficult to calculate all the potential risks. Organizations need a deep set of encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to ensure protection wherever data resides and while in transit—from endpoint to network to cloud. Effective data protection must be able to detect threats from any vector, automatically prevent as many attacks as possible, and provide actionable information to facilitate prioritization and response to a potential data breach.

To achieve this level of data security, it is also critical that organizations always have centralized visibility and control over their data. They need control that enables granular categorization and policy application depending on a variety of attributes—not only the user’s credentials, but location, the application in use, the actions relative to the category of data, and the possibility of malicious code, among others. The challenge for most organizations is that there are simply too many manual interactions required—from attack to detection to response—across multiple data security technologies for the overall result to be timely and effective. Organizations today need integrated data loss prevention and data encryption solutions that deliver interoperable protection across all endpoint, network, and cloud environments. Orchestrated management provides centralized visibility of all data storage locations and appropriate policy control of sensitive data. Together, integrated data security reduces the risk of a data breach and helps improve the maturity of security processes.

Data protection and encryption solutions

To best protect against today’s pervasive threats, organizations need a robust integrated suite of enterprise data protection solutions that help you safeguard data and stay compliant by empowering your security team to:

  • Easily identify where data resides.
  • Monitor data wherever it goes.
  • Enable multi-environment control to prevent data loss.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Data loss prevention solutions include tools and processes that enable organizations to prevent potential data breaches, misuse of data, or exfiltration of sensitive data by monitoring and protecting sensitive data wherever it lives—on premises, in the cloud, or at the endpoints. Data loss prevention software provides visibility into where data resides and how it’s being used and can help identify broken business processes to help reduce the risk of a data breach. DLP solutions also allow you to build and deploy policies that safeguard sensitive data against misuse and help ensure compliance.

Data encryption

Data encryption technologies help block unauthorized access to sensitive information and prevent exfiltration in the event a device is lost or stolen. Full disk encryption is used to make all data on a system drive unintelligible to any unauthorized person—without correct access, the data on a lost or stolen device remains protected. Encryption technologies are also used to enable users to securely share files or folders as they are moved either inside or outside of their organization via email or saved to cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Web protection

As the web continues to grow and evolve, web-borne malware attacks grow and evolve as well, threatening endpoints and critical data. Web protection technologies help ensure your users and data stay safe from web-based threats by blocking advanced and previously unknown threats hidden in internet traffic and by providing consistent policy and protection anywhere a user travels online. Using web reputation and web categorization, these technologies can determine in real-time whether a URL is safe or belongs to an undesirable category (such as gambling or pornography) and block users from accessing potentially malicious sites.

Cloud access security broker (CASB)

Cloud access security brokers (CASB) are on-premises or cloud-hosted software that sit between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to enable security, compliance, and governance policies for cloud applications. CASBs help organizations extend the security controls of their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.