Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report


A comprehensive analysis of data breach patterns seen in 2016

McAfee co-authored a section on ransomware, highlighting ransomware technical advancements in 2016 and ways in which the industry is fighting back. We also provided anonymized breach data. Below are some key report findings:

  • 75% of the breaches were perpetrated by outsiders; 51% involved organized crime; 73% were financially motivated.
  • Ransomware has moved up to the fifth most common form of malware in this year’s data from the 22nd most common form in 2013 ; the number of ransomware incidents increased to 229 in 2016 from 159 in 2015.
  • A whopping 81% of all breaches involved stolen or weak passwords; over a billion credential sets were stolen in 2016.
  • Typical time-to-compromise continues to be measured in minutes, while time-to-discovery remains in weeks or months.
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This technical brief provides product-by-product guidance for protecting against ransomware in McAfee environments.

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