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Support Notification Service (SNS) August 2017
SNS Digest - McAfee
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Recent Publications and News
Pathfinder Report: Machine Learning Raises Security Teams to the Next Level
Machine learning is all around us, enriching our online lives every day. We see it with our own eyes when search engines accurately predict what we’re looking for after we type only a few letters. We feel it protecting our bank accounts evaluating credit card transactions for signs of fraud. We notice it in selections of articles and ads in online newspapers. We no longer think twice about these conveniences; in fact, it’s hard to imagine online life without machine learning.

In relation to cybersecurity, machine learning has been changing the game as a means of managing the massive amounts of data within corporate environments. However, machine learning lacks the innately human ability to creatively solve problems and intellectually analyze events. It has been said time and again that people are a company’s greatest asset.

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Related Blogs
City Proactively Blocks More Threats with Less Work, Saves 40 Hours Weekly with McAfee ENS
Gothenburg, a Swedish metropolitan area of 1.1 million people, recently migrated 35,000 desktops across all city departments to McAfee ENS. Most of the nodes migrated from McAfee VirusScan Enterprise to the McAfee ENS Threat Prevention module and added the ENS Web Control module. Some desktops also received the ENS firewall module, which provides improved Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS). Migration of all 43 departments took one month from start to finish, including one week of planning and communications. Find out more about this transition and Gothenburg's partnership with McAfee.
No More Ransomware — One Year On
One year on. It is fair to say that the No More Ransom project not only exceeded our expectations, but simply blew these initial expectations out of the water. A collaboration between six partners (McAfee, EC3, Dutch Police, Kaspersky Lab, AWS and Barracuda) has now grown to include more than 100 partners across the public and private sector. We often hear people talk about Public-Private Partnerships, but here is a true example of that commitment in action.
Connected Cars: How One Vulnerability Can Turn Cybercriminals into Backseat Drivers
Whether it’s turning the music up a little, or turning down the AC – when you’re in your own car, you’re the driver in all senses of the word. Well, usually. Now, with the recent boom in connected cars, cybercriminals may soon be a backseat driver, only they’re not executing commands from the back row. They have the capability to remotely track you as you drive, or even take control of the settings all due to this recent explosion of connected cars — and vulnerabilities within those cars that have yet to be addressed.
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Technical Product Updates
Expert tips and documentation for leading McAfee products published in the last 30 days. Visit the McAfee Knowledge Center for additional products.
Product Links
  >   Recently Released Security Bulletins (Multiple Products)
>   (ePO) ePolicy Orchestrator
>   (VSE) VirusScan Enterprise
>   (ENS) Endpoint Security
>   (SIEM) Security Info & Event Mgmt
>   (NSP) Network Security Platform
>   (EP) Encryption Products
>   (MWG) Web Gateway
>   (HIPS) Host Intrusion Prevention
>   (DLP) Data Loss Prevention
>   (ATD) Advanced Threat Defense
Recently Released Security Bulletins
SB10203 — Email Gateway update fixes multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-3193, CVE-2015-3194, CVE-2015-3195, CVE-2015-3196, and CVE-2015-3197)
SB10204 — Advanced Threat Defense update fixes various web vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-4052, CVE-2017-4053, CVE-2017-4054, CVE-2017-4055, and CVE-2017-4057)
SB10205 — Web Gateway update fixes vulnerabilities CVE-2012-6706, CVE-2017-1000364, CVE-2017-1000366, and CVE-2017-1000368
SB10206 — ePolicy Orchestrator update fixes multiple Apache vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-3169, CVE-2017-7668, and CVE-2017-7679)
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(ePO) ePolicy Orchestrator
New ProTips
How to generate a custom SSL certificate for use with ePO using the OpenSSL toolkit
See more ePO ProTips here
New KB Articles
KB89607 — ePolicy Orchestrator Management Information Base Overview
KB89637 — Tags containing double-byte characters cannot be applied in ePO 5.9
KB89604 — Sub-group results for a Multi-Group Summary table query do not display in the expected sorting order
KB89621 — page cannot be displayed (error when editing the policy for Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0)
KB89608 — Server tasks configured to run client tasks on query outputs report as "failed" if the query returns no results
KB89600 — A SuperDAT package is not available in the "Update Now" option despite being checked in
KB89592 — The remote McAfee Agent Log View is blank; no logs can be selected
KB89590 — ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server service (tomcat7) crashes during a distributed repository replication
KB89579 — Slow ePolicy Orchestrator console performance, and errors in the SQL error logs
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(VSE) VirusScan Enterprise
New KB Articles
KB89603 — VirusScan Enterprise events are not parsed after removing MSXML4 and migrating to MSXML6 on the ePolicy Orchestrator server
KB89567 — Changing the Quarantine policy to a shorter period does not delete the existing files in the Quarantine folder
KB89572 — Please turn off anti-virus software and try again (unable to Upgrade from Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Creators Update)
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(ENS) Endpoint Security
New ProTips
How to troubleshoot blocked third-party applications
How to verify that Real Protect detection is working
See more Endpoint Security ProTips here
New KB Articles
KB89593 — Installed module is neither in Perpetual mode nor in Evaluation mode (deployment or upgrade of Endpoint Security 10.5.x fails)
KB89571 — Endpoint Security Threat Prevention 10.5.x ScriptScan is not compatible with Internet Explorer "Enhanced Protected Mode"
KB89582 — File load error (loading an Extra.DAT in the Endpoint Security console fails)
KB89562 — Unable to deploy Endpoint Security 10.5.x using ePolicy Orchestrator 5.x
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(SIEM) Security Info & Event Mgmt
New KB Articles
KB89643 — Discard failure (while formatting a new device)
KB89626 — Enterprise Log Manager search does not return matches after Enterprise Security Manager is upgraded to 9.6.1 MR2
KB89432 — Use of escape characters in the remote command "Launch URL" adds unwanted characters to URL when it launches
KB89561 — Connection test for CIFS retrieval fails when a network share is hidden or the share name ends in a dollar sign ($)
KB89573 — SIEM Flash-based dashboard consumes large amounts of memory in web browser
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(NSP) Network Security Platform
New ProTips
Introducing the Network Security - All Products Group in the Service
See more NSP ProTips here
(EP) Encryption Products
New KB Articles
KB89616 — Unknown User (displayed during preboot when the hard-disk sectors are badly corrupted)
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(MWG) Web Gateway
New KB Articles
KB89564 — How to configure Web Gateway as an ICAP Server or Client
KB89594 — McAfee AppRisk database has been updated to signature version (running on Web Gateway 7.7.1 and later)
KB89605 — How to log the Web Gateway System Event Log events to the appliance syslog
KB89624 — McAfee Anti-Malware 5900.7806 Scan Engine phased rollout for Web Gateway
(HIPS) Host Intrusion Prevention
New ProTips
How to query the database for content signatures with CVE numbers
See more HIPS ProTips here
(DLP) Data Loss Prevention
New KB Articles
KB89612 — OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business are automatically selected when configuring a Cloud Data Protection rule in Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 11
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(ATD) Advanced Threat Defense
New KB Articles
KB89640 — How to whitelist a digital certificate in Advanced Threat Defense
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News & Announcements


FOCUS is now MPOWER and 2017 Registration is Open!
The McAfee conference that you have supported for the past nine years is now the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit. The 2017 MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will be October 17-19 at the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. MPOWER offers deep dives and technical content to help you better manage your organization’s cybersecurity posture. Click here to register and for more information.
Ready to Upgrade to Endpoint Security 10.5?
McAfee now has complimentary upgrade training for Endpoint Security version 10.5. Click on one of the links below to register and create an account. At check out, use the promo code ENSTRAIN17 to take your course for no charge.

eLearning Course | REGISTER
Offers anytime access to classroom content and demos on an unlimited basis (see the course description here).

Two-day instructor-led class | REGISTER
Find a class near you, or take the class as a remote student where available. (NOTE: One seat available per customer, on a first-come, first-served basis).

Webinars On Demand
Unable to attend a live McAfee webinar? Check out our on demand webcast libraries organized by global region.
>  Europe Events on Demand
>  North America Events on
>  Asia Pacific Events on
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Release Roundup
Week of July 25
McAfee Web Gateway
Database Vulnerability Manager Content Update v138
Data Loss Prevention 11.0 Hotfix 2
Data Loss Prevention Prevent 10 Patch 2 Hotfix 4
McAfee Data Loss Prevention Prevent 11 Hotfix 1 (
Database Activity Monitoring vPatch update 87
Week of July 18
Endpoint Security and Host Intrusion Prevention
Application Control and Change Control 8.0.0 Cumulative Hotfix
Application Control 6.2.0 HF15
McAfee Agent 5.0.6
Network Security Platform 9.1
Data Loss Prevention 10.0 Patch 2 Hotfix 60
McAfee Active Response Hotfix
Application Control and Change Control For Linux 6.1.7-540
Week of July 11
No new releases this week
Week of July 4
Threat Intelligence Exchange 2.1.0
McAfee Web Gateway
McAfee Application Control 7.0.2 HF4
McAfee Web Gateway (Main Branch)
SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5 patch 5 Repost 3
NOTE: To see release details, go to the McAfee ServicePortal and search the KnowledgeBase for the product and version.
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Product End of Life (EOL)
Aug 15
TIE Server 1.1.0
Sep 1
Endpoint Security 10.1
Sep 6
Command Line Scanner 6.0
Scan Engine - Macintosh OSX 5800
Scan Engine - Microsoft 5800
Scan Engine - Linux 5800
NOTE: EOL dates can change — see all software and appliance EOL announcements.
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