Intelligent Advanced Threat Management

Enable faster and smarter threat prioritization, investigation, and response

Threat intelligence you can act on

Effective threat detection begins with collecting relevant data, then using intelligent systems to pick the signals from the noise. McAfee's adaptive security architecture allows your team to make the most of available threat intelligence through the ingestion of global threat intelligence feeds, creation of local intelligence, aggregation of low-prevalence attack data, and real-time sharing of threat information across your IT infrastructure.

Integration of data—including threat intelligence as well as local and organizational data—and processes help your operational teams achieve visibility, assess their threat, risk, and security posture, and prioritize and act in near real time.


Maintain a Strong Security Posture

From emergency incident response services to incident response program, our Professional Services team can help you address the root causes of vulnerabilities and stop them from reemerging.

Drive faster threat detection and response


Gain actionable intelligence

Deliver actionable threat intelligence to incident responders as well as endpoint and network operations teams who can use this information to accelerate containment and remediation.


Improve security efficiency

McAfee offerings work together as a solution and allow you to deploy the combination that best suits your specific business need. Our integrated security solutions enable faster and smarter threat prioritization, investigation, and response, helping to provide timely and accurate reporting to executives.


Centralize management

Manage event and threat feed ingestion, policies, and deployment from a single dashboard and connect with compatible McAfee and third-party products for visibility and workflow efficiency.


Increase time to value

Optimize your threat management to better scale limited resources to the expanded volume of security data and complexity of incidents.

Our Data Center and Cloud Defense offerings

At the core of our SIEM offering, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager delivers the performance, actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness required to identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats, while simplifying compliance with an embedded framework.

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Detect advanced targeted attacks and get actionable threat information. Unlike traditional sandboxes, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense broadens detection and exposes evasive threats.

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Better integration of data and processes with advanced analytics gives your security team the essential information to identify, triage, scope, and respond quickly to emerging threats.

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Optimize threat detection and response by delivering protection to all points in your enterprise as new threats emerge.

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Understanding Cyberthreat Motivations to Improve Defense

Understanding what truly motivates attackers can help you better tailor your response.

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The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Integration and automation are the answer to fragmented security operations, tool complexity, and a rapidly changing threat landscape.

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Securosis: SIEM Kung Fu

Learn how to make the most of your current SIEM through advanced use cases and process improvements for optimization.

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