Automation and Orchestration

Reduce security complexity and increase efficacy with streamlined solutions and an open architecture

Your security systems automated for orchestration

Most cybersecurity systems perform like they’re not on the same page. They are typically a patchwork of accumulated products that are complex, cumbersome, and difficult to manage. Worse, they can be fragmented and have gaps that are open invitations to cyber adversaries.

Imagine a cyber environment with an open integration fabric that allows all your disparate products to co-exist, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other. McAfee leverages a singular management system, sharing threat intelligence across a common communications fabric, and driving coordinated and smarter threat detection and incident response.

So your workforce leaps forward in productivity and your business surges ahead confidently. It’s the power of cybersecurity products working together, working for you.

Security Automation and Orchestration isn’t a product. It’s a point of view.

We put it into action with the following initiatives and solutions.

McAfee leverages an open and integrated fabric that enables your security architecture to share threat intelligence, while automating and orchestrating a smarter threat detection and incident response.

Open Data Exchange Layer (OpenDXL)

Solving our industry’s fragmentation is the driving force behind our open communications fabric—OpenDXL—that allows any organization to deploy cybersecurity technologies over a common protocol. OpenDXL allows one device in a cybersecurity environment to relay threat information to all others attached to the DXL. This takes threat intelligence sharing to the next level, giving you a smart, connected fabric of devices, available from multiple companies. You gain the advantages of an integrated infrastructure while still expanding innovation—even using your own talents to develop capabilities over the same fabric.

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While Orchestration is a theme that runs through every one of our innovations, solutions, and products, there are some that feature it front and center. Our high-performance, powerful security information and event management (SIEM) offering brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting—delivering the context required for adaptive security risk management.

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Cyber Threat Alliance

In 2014 McAfee, Symantec, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks co-founded the industry's first Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA). While past industry efforts have been limited to the exchange of common malware samples, the CTA is designed to share more actionable threat intelligence openly between contributing members. This includes information on zero-day vulnerabilities, botnet command and control (C&C) server information, mobile threats, and indicators of compromise (IoCs). By working together, alliance participants deliver greater security for individual customers and organizations.

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IDC: US Bank Minimizes Risk With McAfee

US bank achieves 208% ROI using McAfee’s automated and orchestrated threat management solution.

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SIEM Orchestration

This document outlines activities suited to orchestration by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and explains how it works with the McAfee platform to optimize incident response.

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Automation & Orchestration Solution to SOC Overload

Market studies say automate first, then orchestrate. In lab tests, IDC validated that 50-100% of actions taken during integrated threat defense solution scenarios were fully automated.

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