Based on activity from millions of sensors world-wide and an extensive research team, McAfee Labs publishes timely, relevant threat activity via McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). This always-on, cloud-based threat intelligence service enables accurate protection against known and fast-emerging threats by providing threat determination and contextual reputation metrics. McAfee GTI integrates directly with our security products, instantly protecting against emerging threats to reduce operational efforts and time between detection and containment.

McAfee GTI provides the following cloud-based reputation services:

  • McAfee GTI file reputation
  • McAfee GTI web reputation
  • McAfee GTI web categorization
  • McAfee GTI network connection reputation
  • McAfee GTI certificate reputation


  • Provides timely threat intelligence that helps protect organizations and users from both known and emerging cyberthreats, regardless of the source of those threats.
  • Enables McAfee products to act in concert, based on the same robust, near real-time threat information.
  • Closes the threat window with timely, often predictive, reputation-based threat intelligence, reducing the probability of attack.