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McAfee Labs Threats Report

McAfee Threats Report: December 2018

This quarter, we’re excited to introduce several new threats statistics that represent some of the growing trends in attacks, like IoT malware. We also take a look into how the takedowns of key dark web markets continue to impact how cybercriminals are doing business today and what the hot topics are in several underground hacker forums.

Our latest research includes:

  • Market takedowns cause ripple effect on the dark web: Sellers are moving away from larger exchanges to open their own specific marketplaces. Some are also leaving Tor for new communication platforms, such as Telegram.
  • The shift to cryptomining continues to surge: Total coin miner malware jumped 71% with more than 3.8 million new samples, including new malware families targeting macOS.
  • IoT is a growing malware target: We have added new charts this quarter looking at IoT malware, which was up 72.5% in Q3 and more than 200% in the past year.
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In Q2 2018, cybercriminals continue to go where the money is—from coin mining to billing fraud campaigns—and evolve and refine their tactics to defraud unsuspecting victims.

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This edition covers news and statistics gathered by McAfee Labs in the first quarter of 2018. Highlights include how attackers are employing new tactics, updates on the latest threat campaigns (Operation GhostSecret and Lazarus), a surge in coin miner malware, and a rise in multisector attacks.

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This quarter we saw cybercriminals pivot toward newer tools and techniques, PowerShell malware grow 267%, and reported incidents in the healthcare sector rise 211%.

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This quarter saw new malware increase 10% to 57.6 million new samples, a 60% increase in new mobile malware due to Android ransomware, and 263 global incidents reported.

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