McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business

Strong, fast, and affordable high-performance security

Comprehensive endpoint security in one easy-to-manage suite

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business is an all-in-one solution that provides endpoint security for key devices in your enterprise.

Safeguard all your devices

Protect PCs, Macs, Linux systems, servers, virtual systems, and Windows tablets with one solution.

Widen advanced threat protection

Prevent malware, zero-day threats, and evasion attacks at every vector—data, web, and email.

Layer in advanced threat protection

Add encryption, security for data in cloud storage, an integrated desktop and laptop firewall, behavioral zero-day intrusion prevention against desktop and laptop attacks, and email and web security to block phishing and multistage attacks.

Spend less time worrying about security

A centralized console makes security easy to deploy, monitor, and manage.

Comprehensive protection for all endpoints

Protect vital data

Deploy file, folder, and full disk encryption to secure confidential data across PCs, laptops, network servers, removable media, and cloud storage.

Spot threats before they affect your infrastructure

Collect the latest data in real time with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to protect against known and emerging cyberthreats across files, web, messages, and network.

Streamline security deployment

Install in less than 20 minutes with just four clicks. As your business grows, add licenses and products using the same management platform.

McAfee Endpoint Security 10

Our most powerful endpoint security platform drives faster threat detection and more collaboration between your security products.

Endpoint encryption technologies

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business provides a number of technologies to meet the needs of business customers. One common need is to protect data and ensure your business remains in compliance with government regulations. McAfee endpoint encryption solutions integrate industry-leading technologies to provide top performance, advanced data protection, seamless deployment for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac endpoints, as well as securing data to cloud storage. Learn more about the encryption solutions available to you in the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business suite:

System requirements

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business is a suite that is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. For complete technical specifications for all of the products included in this suite, please review the minimum system requirements.


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