Simplify operations in your endpoint environment

Core Threat Prevention

Essential antivirus, exploit prevention, firewall, and web control communicate with each other.

Application Containment

Limit the impact of suspicious files and zero-day malware by blocking behaviors and containing them before they can infect or spread in your environment with advanced endpoint security solutions.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Our integrated, automated, and adaptable endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology is easy to use and makes incident response as simple as a single click.

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Machine Learning Analysis

Detect evasive zero-day threats in near real time by examining how they look and behave.

Centralized Management

The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator console provides greater visibility, simplifies operations, unifies security, and reduces costs.

Proactive Web Security

Ensure safe browsing with web protection and filtering for endpoints.

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Antimalware Protection

Our antimalware engine is continually updated by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and works across multiple operating systems.

Dynamic Application Containment

Defend against ransomware and greyware by securing endpoints that are used as entry points for attacks.

Actionable Threat Forensics

Quickly identify infections, why they are occurring, and the length of exposure to better understand the threat and react faster.

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