Your SIEM productivity kit

Take your pick of ready-to-deploy content packs and McAfee Compatible partner integrations. They offer a fast track to onboarding new capabilities in your McAfee SIEM solution and unlock the value of your security analysts and security infrastructure.

Certified Integrations

Start solving critical security use cases without upfront heavy lifting. Integrations undergo extensive testing to deliver pre-validated solutions that are supported by McAfee and its partners.

Pre-built Use Cases

Get up and running fast with expert-built content for connecting, monitoring, and automating security operations.

Quick Set Up & Low Maintenance

Download content packs as you need them, using all or part as you like. Maintenance occurs effortlessly through the regular rules update process.

Easy Customization

Modify and refine these fundamentals to meet your security requirements and environment.

Featured content packs

Suspicious Activity Content Pack

Updated to include WannaCry rules so you can track activity and link disparate events to help find malware infections.

Exploit Content Pack

Updated to include a WannaCry-specific alarm and watchlist so you can identify, track, and quarantine possible exploits.

User Behavior Analytics Content Pack

Understanding user behavior helps identify hidden threats, increasing security operations accuracy while shortening investigations.

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