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Add proactive threat hunting and advanced analytics to your defenses to throw attackers off their footing.

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Advanced analytics: Rapidly turn data into insights

Complex threats cause security professionals to pivot to a larger array of tools to uncover patterns and remediate compromised resources. McAfee security analytics solutions offer more value because they leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to identify sophisticated attacks and then share that threat intelligence across your business.

McAfee has fully embraced security analytics solutions using advanced, adaptive, and state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence techniques. Driving the pace of innovation, McAfee is moving quickly to evolve beyond the standard forms of advanced analytics to adopt a multi-layered approach known as “human-machine teaming.”


Shorten mean time to detect advanced threats

Put yourself in the place of a security analyst to investigate and respond to a data exfiltration incident using advanced analytics and dynamic investigation guides.

Customers reveal the value in McAfee security analytics solutions

“I’m definitely much more confident in our investigation results now that we have McAfee Investigator in place, and our incident response team catches things much faster than they did before.”
— MGM Resorts International
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“Being able to have that immediate visibility to threats and be able to remediate them … without any human intervention really allows us to focus on our core business.”
— Vidant Health
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“Now with ATD, we are actually seeing a degradation in the number of attacks we are having.”
— Orange Lake Resorts
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“With the integrated McAfee ecosystem, our limited security team can automate a lot of security tasks. We can essentially do a lot more to protect our company a lot faster, without adding staff.”
— HollyFrontier
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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: A Prescriptive and Proactive Approach to Security

Human analysts need machine learning to augment and accelerate efforts.

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Radicati Market Quadrant: McAfee Advanced Threat Defense is Top Player

This edition of Radicati Market Quadrants reviews products that offer protection from advanced persistent threats.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This guide breaks down how AI functions, the strengths and limitations of various types of machine learning, and its evolution. It also explores how AI-enabled security analytics can help protect enterprises from today’s complex cybersecurity threats.

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Advanced security analytics products

Advanced security analytics offerings from McAfee generate relevant, prioritized clues. These solutions optimize existing security investments by enhancing threat detection with advanced malware inspection techniques, guiding investigative workflows, and leveraging machine learning.

Preconfigured use cases allow security analysts to begin work immediately. Automated workflows and expert guidance encourage efficient threat profiling and help analysts to scale their expertise by doing more advanced work and focusing on investigation results, rather than time-consuming manual data gathering. Live search finds threats and impacted endpoints and workloads instantly. With just one click, you can stop threats and update protection on one endpoint or across the organization, so you confidently detect and correct sophisticated threats faster.

McAfee Investigator

Guide security operations analysts in the investigation of incidents by gathering supporting data, interpreting evidence, and presenting insights needed to fully and quickly validate threats and respond. With McAfee Investigator, analysts work smarter, faster, and with greater accuracy.

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McAfee Behavioral Analytics

McAfee Behavioral Analytics alerts you to risky employee and device behavior and other malicious activity, often invisible to other security solutions, that can put your data and systems at risk.

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Device Security

Our device security solution applies state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to identify malicious code, combat emerging threats, and radically simplify security operations. It includes technology that combines pre-execution static analysis and post-execution behavioral analysis to stop more malware than any signature-based or static-only solution.

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McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides in-depth static code analysis that enhances behavioral malware analysis and sandboxing capabilities to detect hidden, evasive threats. It also looks for malicious indicators that have been identified through machine learning via McAfee’s cloud-based deep neural network. This unparalleled analysis generates both summary reports that help you understand the scope of an attack and prioritize actions, and highly detailed reports with analyst-grade data on malware.

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our high-performance, powerful SIEM solution brings together event, threat, and risk data to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and compliance reporting.

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McAfee Active Response

McAfee Active Response provides endpoint detection and response for advanced threats. Use continuous monitoring and powerful insights to identify anomalies and find breaches faster. Simplify detection & response with centralized management via McAfee ePO.

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Coming in early 2019: Powerful threat detection, investigation, and response—simplified. 

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