Increase detection rates and create better outcomes.

Cyber attacks have risen to an estimated 200,000-500,000 per day. To process, adapt, and scale this huge volume of threats, we need the speed of machines. But we also need the wits of humans to outmatch the ingenuity of human attackers.

At McAfee, we’re setting the pace in advanced security solutions, by enabling humans and machines to work together. This “human-machine teaming” boosts detection rates by 20-30%.


Balance of manual and automated process strengthens security.

Discover how machine learning helps security teams create intelligent, innovative, and effective solutions to new threats.

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Machine learning provides faster, better results.

Gain a deeper understanding of how machine learning uses advanced analytics to expand the scope of security—speeding up detection, enhancing accuracy, and improving capabilities.

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The new McAfee: A proud heritage, an exciting future.

Only by working together, can all of us become stronger. Learn more about the new McAfee.

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