Evaluate the quality of your current endpoint protection and identify next steps to improve your resilience.

Many organizations are looking to improve the security posture of their endpoints in a rapidly changing attack landscape. If you are a security and risk management leader responsible for endpoint security, read this report to get analysis and recommendations from Gartner.

Insights in this report include:

  • How to analyze your current level of endpoint protection and identify the potential steps needed to improve.
  • Ways to find the biggest potential risks to your goals and negotiate an achievable level of endpoint protection.
  • When you should invest in improving endpoint security configuration standards and endpoint maintenance processes.
  • Where you should keep your focus if your organization has highly mature endpoint protection.

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*Gartner Roadmap for Improving Endpoint Security, Peter Firstbrook, 19 June 2018.

Gartner Roadmap for Improving Endpoint Security*

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