McAfee Enhanced Success Plan

Expert guidance to plan your security strategy, maintain solutions, manage risk, and sustain value

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Your path to success

The McAfee Enhanced Success Plan transforms traditional technical support by providing a comprehensive set of integrated services, including a Customer Success Manager who manages customer outcomes through a core set of processes focused on success planning, ongoing business reviews, product adoption, and management of customer health. The offering also includes consulting services from professional services experts, education services with eLearning training, advanced access, and emergency onsite visits. Aiming to help you more effectively plan your security strategy and maintain your solutions, manage your operational risk, and see a sustained value over time, the McAfee Enhanced Success Plan gives you everything that you need to successfully deploy, manage, optimize, and upgrade McAfee products and solutions, and transform your security into a business driver.

The pillars of the Enhanced Success Plan

The McAfee Enhanced Success Plan focuses on three key areas: expert help with product planning, upgrades, and adoption; reducing security risk; and deriving greater value from your security investment.



Expert help with product planning, upgrades, and adoption

We’ll help you manage risk, assist you through the product adoption process, help plan upgrades, provide escalation management, and improve your organization’s security posture. A key component is a Customer Success Manager, a trusted advisor who brings security domain expertise to ensure you achieve your desired security outcomes by orchestrating and planning for both short- and long-term success. Your Customer Success Manager helps you set clearly defined security objectives and design a tailored success plan—a blueprint to help track and measure your security progress. Gaps in people, process, and technology are then identified to help you determine next steps and priorities.


Reduced security risk

We’re focused on minimizing your security risk and being your first responder if a security breach occurs. To help you identify and manage overall risk, we facilitate regular business reviews which provide an update to your product adoption progress and preventative care to improve your implementation health and reduce security risk. And, when you need it most, we provide emergency onsite assistance for critical product issues. Additionally, a senior technical expert provides product expertise to address your issues. Your service request is also given priority access for faster response and quicker issue resolution.


Greater value from your investment

We’re committed to helping you maximize your security investments across people, process, and technology so that they deliver the desired value over time. Getting the most out of your McAfee solution starts with product training—on-demand eLearning courses—to guide you on installation, setup, and deployment of your McAfee solution. You can choose from a menu of product-based solution services, delivered by our consultants, to identify and correct potential gaps in your product configuration and performance. Solution services include technical assessment, upgrade assessment, and design review.

Enhanced Success Plan features


Product Planning

  • Assigned Customer Success Manager with domain expertise
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Documented success plans

Consulting and Education Services

  • Consulting services for product-specific solution services
  • User subscriptions to on-demand eLearning product training

Advanced Access

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Service request prioritization
  • Emergency onsite assistance

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Data Sheet

McAfee Enhanced Success Plan

Integrates a Customer Success Manager, consulting services, education services, advanced access, and emergency onsite visits.

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Consulting and Education Services Options

Learn about the solution services and education services that are available with the McAfee Enhanced Success Plan.

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