On-Demand Webcast

Hacking Mobile Devices

It’s not news to anyone that mobile devices are everywhere. More than one a half billion were sold globally in 2018, a number expected to be exceeded when the final 2019 numbers are released. But from a business perspective protecting these devices is a serious challenge: they don’t run traditional operating systems that companies are used to securing; many are the personal property of employees and as such installing software is problematic; they tend to access a variety of wifi networks in a way that desktop PCs don’t and even laptops don’t do to the same extent.

So, how widespread is the problem? Is it really something we need to worry about? Well, we know that more than 6 million new pieces of malware are released per year specifically designed to attack mobile devices – many of which are tip of the spear attacks, which aim to use the mobile in order to gain access to corporate networks and the much greater value of data stored therein. In other words, it is indeed a big problem – but at McAfee, big problems are what motivate us to work with key partners to deliver world-class solutions. And on this webinar we’ll be joined by our friends and colleagues at Zimperium to share some key advice on securing your mobiles.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Discover the advances made by Zimperium in the world of mobile security
  • Learn about how you can keep your environment more secure with the MVISION Mobile security solution
  • Witness a live (demo) attack on both an iOS and an Android device
  • Have the opportunity to question the experts on the dos and don’ts of mobile security