You’re invited to join McAfee on the hunt!
Do you have what it takes to Capture the Flag?
A recent anomaly has surfaced at Acme. Can you help them investigate? Show us your skills and claim victory as well as a chance to advance to a future event!
The Scenario
You are a member of Acme Foods’ Security Team. Acme Foods is responsible for cult food classics such as Candy Corn and Peeps. A member of the sales and marketing organization opened a ticket complaining of poor computer performance.

IT performed an investigation and noticed unusual network traffic during non-business hours. You are tasked with helping Acme get to the bottom of this potential attack.

Capture the Flag
Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 | 2 p.m.
Event Duration: 2 hours

Please RSVP yes to this email if you’d like to participate. A calendar entry will be sent to you and will serve as your confirmation. CTF and participation details will be provided at the event.

If you are unable to attend this event but would like to attend in the future, simply reply to this email and let me know. I’ll be sure to follow up with you when we schedule our next one.

Best regards!
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