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Ultra-fast raw log search

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Hunt faster by searching billions of events at high speeds

McAfee Enterprise Log Search delivers ultra-fast search of raw events by storing and querying uncompressed data.

Search performance

Conduct high-speed, ad hoc searches of raw data with a backend powered by ElasticsearchTM that's built to optimize query performance.

Optimized log management

Don’t let compliance mandates impede your ability to rapidly hunt threats in raw logs. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager has purpose-built storage solutions that maximize both long-term log retention and fast search.

Natural language search

Perform searches with simple text or keywords that utilize wildcards and regular expression (RegEx) capabilities.

Collect the raw data you need

Collect from any source and send relevant security data you need to McAfee Enterprise Log Search.

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Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Immediate access to raw logs for context

Drive new security insights

Search raw data to uncover additional context concerning security incidents.

Integrated within a single console

Tap into the power of raw log search from the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager console without switching windows.

Faster investigations

Quickly access the information you need to accelerate investigations.

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