The documentation below provides information on how to get MVISION EDR set up and deployed in your environment using either MVISION ePO or On-Prem ePO. Before starting your install process, please review the following information to ensure that your environment is prepared for and compatible with MVISION EDR:

Installation/Upgrade guides for MVISION ePO

Installation/Upgrade guides for On-Prem ePO


Configuration/Best Practices

The documentation below provides information on additional configuration steps for MVISION EDR, as well as best practice information as it pertains to installation on systems that serve a specific purpose.

Configuration Best Practices:

For systems running software sensitive to outside interference, review the 3rd party software’s list of recommended A/V exclusions and implement these within your EDR policy following the syntax defined for each component below:

SIEM Integration Documentation:

ATD Integration Documentation:

API Documentation:


If you encounter issues when using MVISION EDR, whether that be during the installation process or during normal use of the product after install, the information below can serve as a starting point towards identifying the source of the problem and getting the issue fixed. In the event that the below information is not able to solve your problem, please contact McAfee Support for assistance.

EDR Logging locations:

  • EDR for Windows logs: %systemdrive%\ProgramData\McAfee\Mar\data\mar.log
  • EDR for Linux logs: /var/McAfee/Mar/data/mar.log
  • EDR for MacOS logs: private/var/McAfee/mvedr/data/mar.log

Youtube Videos

Video LinkTitle MVISION EDR Custom Collectors EDR Real-time Search Dashboard updates EDR: Advanced Use Case Demonstration EDR: General Use Case Demonstration EDR: Client Install EDR: Cloudbridge Connector MVISION EDR: Extension Check-In EDR: Historical Device Search EDR: Investigation EDR: Monitoring EDR: Overview EDR: Phishing EDR: Real Time Search


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