Intelligent Security Operations

Confidently detect and correct threats faster

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Embracing a scalable SecOps architecture built for big data and analytics

Today, security operations teams are faced with growing volumes of security data: 77% of enterprises add one terabtye of security data a month. How do you find a signal in that noise?

Security operations teams need a modular and scalable SIEM architecture that can rapidly process massive volumes of data, extending detection and correction through behavioral analytics and on to endpoint detection and response, enabling remediation to the endpoint in real time.

McAfee’s security operations and analytics solution collects, enriches, and shares data at any scale, rapidly turning events into insights, and quickly investigating and acting on identified threats. Our open, scalable architecture speeds investigations by directing data flows to appropriate stores and feeding behavioral and machine learning-based analytic tools to generate relevant, prioritized clues. Preconfigured use cases allow analysts to begin work immediately while automated workflows and expert guidance allow efficient threat profiling.

Confidently detect and correct sophisticated threats faster


Manage data at any scale

An open, scalable SIEM architecture allows you to collect, enrich, and share data at any scale.


Turn data into insights

Analytics are integrated and preconfigured to quickly deliver insights, coupled with big data and machine learning to surface near-invisible insider threats.


Investigate and act

Context and expert guidance mean that analysts can investigate and act on the threats that matter.

Intelligent Security Operations offerings

Detect sophisticated attacks, unlock powerful threat analysis capabilities that extend beyond the traditional sandbox, and instantly share out new threat intelligence across your environment.

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With a new analyst SOC workspace, you can navigate and interpret high volumes of complex and contextual security incidents with smarter threat management tools.

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Leverage our open communications fabric to efficiently share threat intelligence. Join our OpenDXL ecosystem of multiple players to learn, share, and innovate so you can make your security posture more robust.

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Acquire expert guidance to optimize investigations, transforming analysts into expert investigators who can navigate incidents with confidence, efficiency, and speed.

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Combine global threat information with locally collected intelligence and share it instantly, allowing your security solutions to operate as one.

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Incident response program development, hands-on security assessments, and skilled threat researchers to augment your existing SOC staff are just a few of the services available from our skilled Foundstone team.

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Powerful threat detection, investigation, and response—simplified. 

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Customer success stories

“I’m definitely much more confident in our investigation results now that we have McAfee Investigator in place, and our incident response team catches things much faster than they did before.”
— MGM Resorts International
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“The ability to take needed action without having to manually intervene allows us to do more with less—and faster. The faster we can find out that there is a problem and contain it, the better. ”
— Helvetiella Longoria, CISO, Florida International University
Read Case Study> Florida International University

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Webcast: SIEM, Security Analytics, or Both? Find Your Best Strategy with Use Cases.  Register >