McAfee integrated and orchestrated threat defense

Most cybersecurity environments are a patchwork of accumulated products that are complex, cumbersome, and difficult to manage. Worse, they’re typically fragmented and have gaps that are open invitations to cyber adversaries.

McAfee leverages a singular management system, sharing threat intelligence across a common communications fabric, and driving coordinated and smarter threat detection and incident response..

According to IDC, McAfee’s integrated threat defense solution automates seven components and orchestrates incident response actions across four separate threat defense functions at levels of 50-100%. Surveys indicate this can improve incident response effectiveness by nearly 40%.


IDC Lab Validation Report

Discover how IDC validated the McAfee Integrated Threat Defense Solution against key user scenarios, including zero-day malware, ransomware, threat hunting, and more.

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Top 100 FDIC Bank

Find out how one of the leading banks in the U.S. used McAfee security solutions to achieve a 90% faster resolution of security events, plus an ROI of 208%.

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Automation and Orchestration

Learn how the average Security Operations Center (SOC) is hampered by multiple tools and manual processes—and how orchestration and automation can improve productivity and achieve ROI faster.

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The new McAfee: A proud heritage, an exciting future.

Only by working together, can all of us become stronger. Learn more about the new McAfee.

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