Your business is complex. Your security shouldn’t be.

Every year, IT and security professionals spend more and more money on cybersecurity solutions. Yet, despite this increasing investment, the number of threats and attacks just keeps growing.

Cybersecurity success requires a new way of thinking—and a new way of doing things. With an integrated, open platform approach, you can reduce risk and improve outcomes. Deploy and integrate security solutions faster and extend their effective life while coordinating all aspects of security from endpoint to cloud.

Together is Power

Hear how customers are using Data Exchange Layer to integrate security technologies from multiple vendors in their security operations.


Learn about the critical role OpenDXL serves for AT&T to help connect security products and automate security responses.

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See how Atos is leveraging OpenDXL to eliminate the creation of new APIs.

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MGM Resorts

At MGM Resorts, OpenDXL plays a strategic role in making security more effective by enabling faster access to threat information.

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Integrate security technologies with Data Exchange Layer

Data Exchange Layer is a platform that enables security devices to share intelligence and orchestrate security operations in real time. It facilitates unprecedented collaboration in an open system, and delivers a simple path for integrating security technologies, regardless of vendor.

OpenDXL is an initiative to create adaptive systems of interconnected services that communicate and share information for real-time, accurate security decisions and actions.

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Platform approach strengthens defenses – explained by Grobman’s Curve

According to Grobman’s Curve, developed by McAfee CTO Steve Grobman, defense technologies against the latest threats are most effective immediately after they are invented. However, attackers quickly develop evasion techniques or other methods to avoid the new countermeasures. A platform approach quickly onboards new technologies, improving your defense times and maximizing your security investments.

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The new McAfee: A proud heritage, an exciting future.

Only by working together, can all of us become stronger. Learn more about the new McAfee.

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