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Peter Leav Welcome Peter Leav
President and CEO, McAfee
CEO Peter Leav shares his views on the transformed global workforce, and the evolving workforce. Watch Now
Peter Leav Keynote Peter Leav
President and CEO, McAfee
CEO Peter Leav shares his views on the transformed global workforce, and the evolving workforce. Watch Now
Ash Kulkarni Keynote Ash Kulkarni
EVP and CPO, McAfee
Chief Product Officer, Ash Kulkarni is joined by Cloud leader Rajiv Gupta to map out McAfee’s portfolio of solutions and services that make McAfee different. Watch Now
Rajiv Gupta Keynote Rajiv Gupta
SVP, Cloud Security BU, McAfee
Cloud leader Rajiv Gupta to map out McAfee’s portfolio of solutions and services that make McAfee different. Watch Now
Steve Grobman Keynote Steve Grobman
SVP and CTO, McAfee
CTO, Steve Grobman takes viewers on a behind the scenes tour of McAfee’s deep technical capabilities, including conversations with the cyber experts shaping tomorrow’s cyber defense innovations. Watch Now
Lynne Doherty Keynote Lynne Doherty
Head of Sales and Marketing
Head of Sales and Marketing, Lynne Doherty shares perspectives on the digital transformation and the accelerated migration to the cloud. Watch Now
Executive Voices with Robert Hornish Rob Hornish
SVP, American Enterprise Sales
  Watch Now
Executive Voices with Adam Philpott Adam Philpott
SVP, Sales
  Watch Now
Executive Voices with Kathleen Curry Kathleen Curry
SVP, Global Channels, OEM & Strategy
  Watch Now
Executive Voices with Craig Nielsen Craig Nielsen
VP, Sales
  Watch Now
Executive Voices with Ken Kartsen Ken Kartsen
SVP, Public Sector
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Executive Voices with Britt Norwood Britt Norwood
VP, Enterprise Commercial Sales
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Secure Your Cloud, 2020 and Beyond Kaushik Narayan
CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
Cloud security has evolved as quickly as the cloud itself with 90% of sensitive data now in sanctioned apps like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. As production workloads and information assets increasingly migrate to the cloud, the threat landscape continues to evolve. These trends are leading to a platform approach that optimizes visibility and control, no matter where data resides. Learn how McAfee is investing in MVISION Cloud. Watch Now
Introducing McAfee MVISION Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) Kaushik Narayan
CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
MVISION CNAPP delivers consistent data protection, threat prevention, governance, and compliance across the entire lifecycle of cloud-native applications, workloads and data. Further, MVISION CNAPP helps unleash developer productivity by delivering frictionless automation to enable true DevSecOps. Watch Now
The DevOps Complexity Conundrum: Cloud Security Shifts Left Sekhar Sarukkai
McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist of the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee
Learn how MVISION Cloud helps enterprises "Shift Left" to confidently deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and agility. Watch Now
Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation with SASE Anand Ramanathan
Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, McAfee
The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework empowers organizations to securely embrace the cloud while avoiding complexity, latency, and high costs. Learn how MVISION UCE uniquely converges SWG, CASB, DLP and Remote Browser Isolation technologies to accelerate your SASE journey. Watch Now
Feel the power of the X-factor: Get ahead of the breakout point with XDR Shailaja Shankar
SVP, Endpoint Engineering, McAfee
Why do you need XDR? Today’s SOC needs to have proactive warnings of threats. Instead of a passive approach that logs and forwards alerts, XDR (Extended Detection and Response) qualifies and presents actionable findings, that empower security practitioners to do more than just alerts triage. This session will go into why you need XDR to build a more efficient SOC. Watch Now
Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Making Cloud Adoption Fast, Easy and Secure Suhaas Kodagali
Senior Product Manager
MVISION Unified Cloud Edge provides this pervasive edge from a single, cloud-native fabric with shared policies and incident management to protect your data, whether is it accessed through the front, back, or side doors to the cloud. Watch Now
Embrace the X-factor: Where to Start Your XDR Journey Michael Leland
Technical Director, Sec-Ops
Learn how McAfee approaches XDR. Lay the foundation to start realizing the benefits of XDR capabilities. What are the pre-requisites? What integrations provide the greatest value? And what's on the Roadmap? Watch Now
MVISION Cloud Security for IaaS and Containers Dennen Monks
Senior Cloud Security Architect
MVISION Cloud provides comprehensive data protection, threat protection, governance and compliance across applications, workloads and data in IaaS environments. Watch Now
How to Manage Cloud Security Risks in a "Work from Anywhere" World Sekhar Sarukkai
McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist, Cloud Business Unit
Each a large enterprise embracing a shift to working from home for their global employees. Others have gone “Remote-First” in 2020, abandoning the central office altogether. What does this mean for cybersecurity? Vast distribution of corporate data, direct-to-cloud connections, and personal devices used for work introduce a new security paradigm that takes over the network-centric model of the past. Watch Now
Cloud Security Architecture for Zero Trust Sekhar Sarukkai
McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist, Cloud Business Unit
Zero trust network access (ZTNA), also known as the software-defined perimeter (SDP), is a set of technologies that operates on an adaptive trust model, where trust is never implicit, and access is granted on a “need-to-know,” least-privileged basis defined by granular policies. ZTNA gives users seamless and secure connectivity to private applications without ever placing them on the network or exposing apps to the internet. Watch Now
Cloud Security on the Front Lines: Data Protection in Common Business Applications Dennen Monks
Senior Cloud Security Architect
With often thousands of cloud services in use, from Microsoft 365, to Slack, to AWS and Azure, how can you establish centralized controls that give you consistent visibility and control over your data? The answer is a cloud-native control plane that protects data going to your cloud services, leaving to third parties, and reaching both personal and managed devices. Instead of the untenable effort of managing native controls for every service you use, a single cloud-native platform lets you establish one set of classifications for all of your data, and one set of policies for what happens to that data in the cloud. Watch Now
Transition to Cloud in a simple and secure way with McAfee’s New MVISION Device to Cloud Suites Pooja Kapoor
Senior Manager, Business Operations
Introducing Device-to-Cloud Suites, Now available as part of McAfee’s MVISION portfolio. Learn how these new suites can help you stay protected to not only help you deal with the unprecedented shift in workforce created by COVID-19 but also to continue the acceleration of your transition to the cloud with more confidence. Watch Now
Customer Spotlight Program Overview Antu Buck
Head of Sales Concierge
Join the McAfee Customer Reference Program today and start earning points towards rewards. Just fill out the short form and someone from the McAfee reference team will contact you to review products and reference opportunities. Watch Now
Customer Spotlight: Legendary Entertainment Dan Meacham
VP of Security Operations, Legendary Entertainment
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Customer Spotlight: Land O'Lakes Tony Taylor
CISO, Land O'Lakes
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Customer Spotlight: Medical Device Company Andy Keating
Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, Medical Device Company
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