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The system together is far more powerful than the sum of the parts

Consider a medieval knight, fully armored and ready to defend.

Each piece of armor is vitally important—forged together to be strong and made to protect. But, if worn individually, these unlinked pieces of armor can’t and won’t work effectively. You become vulnerable as no single piece can completely protect you.

Now consider cybersecurity, it works the same way.

An array of disparate products working in siloes does not provide the best defense against cyberthreats. Just like you can’t expect one piece of armor to fully protect you, you can’t expect one technology, product, or vendor to eradicate all threats and safeguard your data. That’s why we work every day with solutions from both complementary and competing third-party vendors to build integrations that are useful and just as feature-rich as the integrations between our own solutions.

Where it all begins: The data exchange layer

The starting point for McAfee’s open solution and partner integrations is our communication fabric, the data exchange layer (DXL). This common communications layer connects products and capabilities developed from a vibrant ecosystem of players. OpenDXL leverages the data exchange layer to deliver a simple, open path for integrating security technologies regardless of vendor, while eliminating integration and maintenance complexity.



DXL enables open, bi-directional communication between two services and vendors.



DXL leverages a standard communications layer for all your products regardless of the underlying proprietary architecture.



A one-time setup simplifies integrations and enables instantaneous interactions. And since DXL is an open platform any vendor can participate.



High-speed sharing and communication cut time out of security operations.


Together is better

McAfee embraces an open architecture, giving customers unified workflow management across hundreds of ecosystem vendors. Customers get the best of both worlds: vendor choice with simplified management.

The other benefit McAfee brings to our open approach is our ecosystem of more than 150 partners operating within the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. Through the SIA program, we help accelerate the development of cohesive security solutions, simplify the integration of these products, and provide a truly integrated, connected security ecosystem to maximize the value of existing customer security investments.

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Featured partner integrations


OpenDXL is now linked with Cisco’s pxGrid

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McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee ePO integrate with IBM Resilient’s Incident Response Platform

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Aruba ClearPass integrates with McAfee ePO and McAfee’s SIEM solution.

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The McAfee advantage


Provides single pane of glass management and unified workflows for pre-integrated solutions delivered through the SIA ecosystems. Available on premises or via the cloud—including AWS and now available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering with MVISION ePO.

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Offers threat intelligence sharing in multivendor environments over a common messaging bus. You can download the SDK and APIs at GitHub to begin developing your own solution over DXL, or check out one of the dozens of pre-integrated solutions already available in the marketplace. And, DXL is now integrated with Cisco’s pxGrid, connecting the two most powerful messaging buses in the cybersecurity industry.

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Provides accurate, actionable threat insights based on millions of sensors and automated threat determination processes backed by one of the largest and most specialized threat research teams in the industry. This enables protection against known as well as fast-emerging threats, including high-risk malware, exposures, networks, web connections, and spam.

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Significantly optimize threat prevention, closing the gap from encounter to containment for advanced targeted attacks from days, weeks, and months, down to milliseconds. Intelligence is shared in real time among endpoint, gateway, network, and data center security solutions.

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