The system is more powerful than the sum of its parts

Disparate products working in siloes don’t provide the best defense against cyberthreats—you can’t expect one technology, product, or vendor to eradicate all threats and safeguard your data. That’s why we work every day with solutions from complementary and competing third-party vendors to build integrations that are useful and just as feature-rich as the integrations between our own solutions.

It all begins with the Data Exchange Layer

The starting point for our open solution and partner integrations is the Data Exchange Layer (DXL), a communications layer that connects products and capabilities developed from a vibrant ecosystem of players. OpenDXL leverages DXL to deliver a simple, open path for integrating security technologies regardless of vendor, while eliminating integration and maintenance complexity.


DXL enables open, bidirectional communication between two services and vendors.


DXL leverages a standard communications layer for all your products, regardless of the underlying proprietary architecture.

Simple and Fast

One-time setup simplifies integrations and enables instantaneous interactions. High-speed sharing and communication cut time out of security operations.

Partner integrations


OpenDXL is now linked with Cisco pxGrid.


IBM Security

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator integrate with the IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform.

IBM Security

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