Security for Microsoft Azure

Extending enterprise security and management to the Microsoft Azure public cloud

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Partnership overview

McAfee helps customers adopt Microsoft Azure and the public cloud with the same security controls available in a private data center. Customers enjoy the operational benefits of the cloud without worrying about a security gap. This enables users to conveniently manage Azure instances in the same manner they manage their on-premises environment.

Global technology solutions

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform (McAfee vNSP) is a complete network threat and intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution built for the unique demands of the public cloud. It quickly detects and protects against advanced attacks, including zero-day malware, SQL injection, and east-west lateral intrusion. Streamlined workflows, flexible integration options, and simplified licensing enable organizations to efficiently deploy McAfee vNSP to protect critical data and workloads wherever they reside. Integration with McAfee Network Security Manager provides a single, centralized web-based interface for ease of use.

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McAfee Virtual Advanced Threat Defense on Azure

McAfee Virtual Advanced Threat Defense (vATD) provides in-depth inspection to detect evasive threats. Advanced detection techniques from sandboxing and full static code analysis to deep learning pinpoint malicious behavior patterns to convict emerging, difficult-to-detect threats. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense in Azure provides the same benefits as the on-premises solution—from advanced SOC features and customizability to data privacy and version control—but with the savings and convenience associated with your Azure service. Unparalleled analysis produces threat intelligence insights that are easily shared across your entire environment—whether on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both—to enhance protection and support investigations in the SOC.

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McAfee Endpoint Security for Microsoft Azure

Your Microsoft Azure environment can quickly scale up or down to match demand. You need an endpoint security solution that is just as nimble and scalable, but that also protects your data with the same strength your traditional endpoints require. That’s why we’ve integrated McAfee Endpoint Security with the Azure PowerShell platform to make it easy to deploy, configure, and manage in your Microsoft Azure environment. It’s an easy way to take advantage of the full benefits of Microsoft Azure without sacrificing your security requirements.



vATD Product Guide

Configure, manage, and update your vATD deployment.

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Data Center and Cloud Defense

Extend security across the data center, on premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid environments.

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McAfee Server Security

Get comprehensive cloud workload and server protection to guard against today’s most sophisticated threats.

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About Microsoft Azure

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through their global network of data centers. Integrated tools, DevOps, and a marketplace support customers in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions.

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