McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partners

SIA partners provide advanced security solutions that strengthen the core functionality of the McAfee product portfolio. SIA partners empower customers to fortify their security environment and threat defense lifecycle with specialized solutions that are tightly integrated with industry-leading McAfee threat defense products.

Central to our relationship with each partner is the customer use case. Use cases are driven by the needs of mutual customers and are built around solution integration. Use cases improve threat visibility and create powerful new security behaviors and workflows.

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Data Exchange Layer (DXL)

DXL is at the core of our open approach to security solutions. It streamlines sharing of threat intelligence among McAfee and third-party solutions in real time to provide a holistic view across the security environment. This approach enables customers to build a unified defense by responding to incidents quickly with fewer resources.

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Industry-leading products and solutions

SIA partners build fully certified security solutions based on industry-leading products from McAfee.

Data Protection

McAfee data protection safeguards critical assets with easily deployed and managed data security solutions, including data loss prevention, and encryption.

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Endpoint Protection

McAfee endpoint protection products deliver powerful endpoint security to safeguard endpoints, servers, and mobile devices against cyberthreats.

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Network Security

McAfee network security products provide advanced intrusion prevention, network access control, antispam, antimalware, and web filtering.

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Security Management

With centralized security management from McAfee, businesses reduce costs, improve protection, and increase visibility into security and compliance.

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Our SIEM solutions provide real-time situational awareness so enterprises can identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats.

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