Application-layer monitoring for maximum threat prevention

Find Application-layer Threats

See the entire content of an application and underlying protocols—such as an executable embedded inside a PDF document—to detect hidden payloads, malware, and even covert communication channels.

Uncover Data Loss and Compliance Violations

Detect when sensitive information is being transmitted inside email attachments, instant messages, file transfers, HTTP posts, or any other application, and get immediate notification so you can mitigate the loss.

Discover Documents

Identify more than 500 document types as they are exchanged over the network. Even documents embedded inside other documents, archived, compressed, and encoded are discovered with actionable metrics.

Deep Visibility into Your Network

Get accurate analysis of real application use to enforce policies and detect malicious, covert traffic.

Full Session Details of All Violations

Decode the entire application session, all the way to Layer 7, for more than 500 supported applications and protocols.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Generate a complete audit trail of application events for compliance, passively, to avoid application interference.

Product features

Integrated with Your Infrastructure

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Application Data Monitor work with your security infrastructure to simplify security operations, improve efficiencies, and lower costs.

No Interference with Applications

Since the McAfee Application Data Monitor appliance operates on a SPAN port, it will not interfere with application performance or reliability or introduce latency.

Protocol Anomalies

McAfee Application Data Monitor looks past network behavior to detect anomalies within applications and protocols, delivering a stronger, more proactive risk detection methodology.

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