Introducing McAfee ESM Cloud

McAfee has taken our award-winning ESM SIEM product and transformed it into a cloud based SIEM solution called McAfee ESM Cloud.

McAfee ESM Cloud focuses on removing the barriers to your success in security operations by providing:

Automatic Installation

You never need to install ESM. The system comes installed and ready to ingest your data from day one.

Continuous Improvement

McAfee handles all updates to ESM. You are free from the burden of software updates and upgrades.

Consistent Performance

Consistently high-performance even as your SecOps requirements grow.


Remove your dependence on data centers. Increase capacity and compute power with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Your SIEM foundation

Real-time Visibility into Activity

See all activity on systems, networks, databases, and applications. Actionable analysis guides triage and speeds investigation and threat remediation.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Analyze data for patterns that may indicate a larger threat. Prioritized alerts surface potential threats before they impact you.

Embedded Compliance Framework

Built-in security use case content packs simplify analyst and compliance operations.

Context and Content Awareness

Leverage vendor threat feeds and indicators of compromise (IOCs) for a better understanding of how security events impact real business processes.

Critical Facts in Minutes, Not Hours

Store billions of events and flows, and quickly access long-term event data storage.

Monitor and Analyze Data from a Heterogeneous Infrastructure

Highly tuned appliances collect, process, and correlate log events from multiple years with other data streams, including STIX-based threat intelligence feeds.

Product features

Analyst-centric User Experience

Analysts with any level of experience can easily prioritize, investigate, and respond to evolving threats faster.

Actionable Data

Access data presented in dynamic views that include the option to investigate, contain, remediate, and adapt to important alerts and patterns.

Dozens of Partner Integrations

An extensible and distributed design integrates with more than three dozen partners.

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