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Transform security analysts into expert investigators

McAfee is thinking differently about endpoint detection and response (EDR). McAfee MVISION EDR expands McAfee Active Response capabilities and enable all analysts to do more. Learn More >

Expertly guide analysts through fast, effective investigations

McAfee Investigator guides analysts to insights to fully and quickly validate and respond.


Guide investigations with expert knowledge

Dynamic Investigation Guides steer analysts through triage to focus on what’s important and speed investigations. The system mimics the human thought process, exploring many hypotheses in parallel, and gathers, summarizes, and visualizes relevant evidence on demand as investigation evolves.

Discover insights at machine speed

Artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, and machine learning together process artifacts and complex event sequences to elevate key insights and context. Compare gathered data against threat intelligence sources and “normal” baselines unique to your organization to increase accuracy and relevancy. Reduce expertise and time needed to interpret threat signals.

Scale expertise and capacity

The interactive workspace coaches novice and intermediate analysts to implement the thought processes of more advanced analysts, building skills while they work. On-demand data collection and interpretation speeds triage, enabling analysts to focus on investigation results and next steps instead of data gathering and case building.

Optimize incident investigation effectiveness

Team humans and machines

McAfee Investigator was built by combining the experience and expertise from Foundstone forensic investigators with the compute power and accuracy of artificial intelligence—an innovative combination to augment your team’s capabilities to deliver fast, effective investigations.

Focus on the unknown

Uniquely based on the case at hand, Investigation Guides ask the right questions, gather supporting data, and interpret evidence to understand unknown threats. These dynamic, intelligent Investigation Guides are not generic “playbooks” that simply automate scripted, serial tasks for known threats.

Scope the impact of a threat

Tight integration with McAfee Active Response, endpoint detection and response (EDR), enables analysts to scope the impact of a threat across endpoints throughout the ecosystem in real time to direct further investigation and action. 

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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Machine learning moves security analytics from diagnostic and descriptive to predictive and prescriptive, leading to faster and more accurate detection.

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Disrupting the Disruptors, Art or Science?

By adding proactive threat hunting and advanced analytics, security defenders can throw attackers off their footing, blending art and science along the way.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This guide breaks down how AI functions, the strengths and limitations of various types of machine learning, and its evolution. It also explores how AI-enabled security analytics can help protect enterprises from today’s complex cybersecurity threats.

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