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Ubiquitous web security, delivered through the cloud

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service eliminates the constraints of on-network web security by connecting users from any device or location to the internet through our cloud, maintaining protection wherever they go.

Go beyond basic protection

Behavior emulation prevents zero-day malware in milliseconds as traffic is processed.

Reduce TCO

Deploying web security as a cloud service dramatically lowers total cost of ownership, removing hardware appliances and the resources needed to maintain them.

Secure users outside the network

Cloud delivery erases the traditional network perimeter allowing you to extend protection to off-network users.

Expand web security

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service can be deployed alongside McAfee Web Gateway, available together as McAfee Web Protection, an optional hybrid solution for organizations that want to retain on-premises gateways while extending web security to roaming users and remote offices through the cloud.

Globally distributed cloud security built on a proven foundation

Best-in-class threat prevention

Built with the same technology as McAfee Web Gateway, McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service provides proactive detection of zero-day malware with full coverage of web traffic, including SSL.

Cost-effective deployment

McAfee Gateway Cloud Service does not require any hardware, meaning no additional hardware purchases, and no additional resources needed to patch, upgrade, and maintain appliances and their software. Routing directly to the cloud for remote offices also reduces the cost of backhauling traffic over MPLS circuits for filtering by an on-premises appliance.

Protection extended everywhere

With multiple routes to the cloud, no device, user, or location is unprotected. Choose from network-based routing methods such as IPsec, or use McAfee Client Proxy for endpoint-based authentication and port-level routing to both the cloud service and on-premises McAfee Web Gateway.


McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service Status

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McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service delivers web security from the cloud. Security teams gain the same benefits of advanced threat protection as on-premises appliances, but without the cost of hardware or resources used to maintain it.

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