Stay ahead of threats with McAfee Endpoint Security

To keep your network safe, you need to stay several steps ahead of cybercriminals. It’s not easy in a world where threats are evolving and becoming more complex. That’s why there’s never been a better time to upgrade to McAfee Endpoint Security.

View the Top Five Reasons to Migrate to McAfee Endpoint Security infographic for a quick glimpse into why upgrading should be a priority, or for a more in-depth look, please complete the form to download the white paper.

If you’re depending on older endpoint protection solutions, you’re not getting the latest, most effective protection. McAfee Endpoint Security is a free upgrade for existing customers that integrates multiple defenses into a single framework designed to put an end to complex environments. Enjoy the many benefits of endpoint security simplified.

"We haven’t had a CryptoLocker outbreak in six months. With McAfee Endpoint Security, we have more visibility, more coverage, and more customer confidence than we have had in 12 years." — McAfee Customer

Five Reasons You Need to Migrate