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AWS | Sponsor Level: Platinum

How to Streamline Security and DLP Policy Management with McAfee

Application owners and DevOps teams want to build in AWS without compromising security, but often lack the tools to keep sensitive data secure. During Pacific Dental’s move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company sought to enhance and operationalize its security measures to match the speed and scale of the cloud, using a cloud access security broker (CASB) to proactively address misconfiguration and risk to their data.

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CDW | Sponsor Level: Platinum

See How CDW AMPLIFIED™ Services Can Take Your IT to the Next Level!

Technology services solve your unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. From roadmaps and adoption to project deployment and lifecycle management, CDW brings years of experience to help you design, orchestrate and manage your technology environments today and into the future.

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Safely Migrate to the Cloud With CDW - AWS Consulting and Managed Services

CDW offers a wide range of AWS consulting services from migration planning to infrastructure optimization. Once you are in AWS, CDW offers a full set of AWS managed services to assist in cost control monitoring and optimization, maintaining a strong security posture and ensuring you’re implementing AWS best practices.

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Oracle | Sponsor Level: Platinum

How McAfee Helps SecOp’s Move to the Cloud

In this webcast you will learn how McAfee Enterprise Security Manager Cloud (ESM Cloud) can help you accelerate time to value and can yield huge cost efficiencies compared to on-premises solutions. We will display how a move to ESM Cloud will help to remove traditional barriers to SecOps efficiency, move customers straight into data investigation, and provide continuous platform improvement. Join McAfee’s Andrew Lancashire, Global Alliance Director and Prashant Khandelwal, Director of Product Management, to discuss how ESM Cloud helps customers remove barriers to success in security operations.

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Seclore | Sponsor Level: Platinum

Session 1: Stop Chasing Your Data!
Session 2: McAfee + Seclore: Changing the DLP Conversation After Being Left Behind by Symantec

Stop Chasing Your Data!: Chasing your sensitive data shared with third-parties or accidentally with bad actors? Watch how you can protect data shared internally and externally. McAfee + Seclore: Changing the DLP Conversation After Being Left Behind by Symantec: Left behind by Symantec ICE? Learn how McAfee and Seclore integration can help you automatically discover, classify, protect, and analyze your discovered data

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Atos | Sponsor Level: Gold

Future Ready on the Journey to Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a philosophy, a set of guiding principles that can be used to improve an organization's security posture and reduce its risks. It is not a new concept, but every risk coverage has a cost. Digital Transformation has inverted the traditional perimeter security paradigm making those principles not only affordable but highly recommended. In the spotlight, we'll focus on Zero Trust Network Access , one of the key aspects of a Zero Trust adoption journey.

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Attivo Networks | Sponsor Level: Gold

Attivo + McAfee - Collectively Boosting Endpoint Performance
Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer and CMO at Attivo Networks, discusses the McAfee + Attivo integration and how to leverage it to boost endpoint performance.

Listen to Attivo's CEO Speak on Security Tomorrow with McAfee

Beyond Trust

Beyond Trust | Sponsor Level: Gold

How to Boost Productivity and Lower Risk through a Single Endpoint Privilege Management Console

Speaker: Morey J. Haber, CISO at BeyondTrust

Join technical experts from McAfee and BeyondTrust for a live webinar where you’ll discover how to remove the dual privileged account model by utilizing endpoint privilege management. Morey Haber, CTO and CISO of BeyondTrust will join Mark Mastrangeli, Lead Architect from McAfee, to walk you step-by-step through the security and productivity shortcomings of the dual account approach. Our experts will explain how BeyondTrust’s Endpoint Privileged Management solution can lower risk of cyber-attacks, reduce complexity of having two accounts for every identity, and meet compliance regulations.

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Deep Secure

Deep Secure | Sponsor Level: Gold

Coming to You Soon at McAfee Marketplace

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement at MPOWER from McAfee and Deep Secure. Join us for a chance to win a GoPro Hero Black 9!

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IBM Security

IBM Security | Sponsor Level: Gold

Open Cybersecurity Alliance - We’re Making Standards-Based, Interoperable Cybersecurity a Reality

IBM Security, along with McAfee, are co-founders of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA), an OASIS Open Project. The OCA is comprised of global, like-minded cybersecurity vendors, end users, thought leaders, and individuals from around the world who are intersted in fostering an open cybersecurity ecosystem. Our breakout session covers this project and dives in to how we are making standards-based, interoperable cybersecurity a reality.

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Infoblox | Sponsor Level: Gold

New Independent Research Reveals DNS is Key to Network Security

This webinar will reveal the top findings from forward-looking enterprises that underscore the role of DNS in cybersecurity practices including the use of:

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Mimecast | Sponsor Level: Gold

Optimizing Your Security Ecosystem

Allow us to take you on a journey of optimization that will help you become more efficient, get the most out of your security investments and ultimately better protect your organization.

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NTT | Sponsor Level: Gold

NTT Threat Detection

Managed Security Services from NTT provide unique capabilities for detection of cyber threats. Protect your business integrity with sophisticated threat intelligence, detection, and incident life cycle support. Defend against malicious threats and activity that can bypass traditional security measures. Utilize our proprietary advanced analytics, threat hunting, and detection capabilities powered by experienced security analysts to minimize or eliminate the potential impact of cyberattacks on your organization’s performance, brand value, customer trust, and regulatory compliance.

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Rapid7 | Sponsor Level: Gold

Rapid7 InsightIDR 3-minute Overview

InsightIDR relentlessly hunts threats across your environment. By unifying SIEM, UBA, and EDR capabilities with your existing network and security stack, you can detect intruders earlier in the attack chain.

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SHI | Sponsor Level: Gold

Enhancing your Security Posture with Mitre Att&ck

How much easier would it be to defend your network if you could think like an attacker? This session will detail how you can leverage real-world tactics and techniques used by threat actors to advance your threat detection and response capabilities. You’ll learn how to look beyond simple indicators of compromise (IOCs) and disrupt the attackers’ playbook with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

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ThreatQuotient | Sponsor Level: Gold

Develop Your Spear Phishing Investigation Skills

Spear phishing emails contain a wealth of hidden evidence that can be used to track and understand the methods used by attackers to target an organization. By extracting that information, analysts can better understand what to look for to identify other users that may also have been caught. A threat Intelligence platform can assist analysts to discover associations between multiple spear phishing messages. This helps determine if a wider campaign is underway. Steve Rivers, International Director of ThreatQuotient, will show you how to compare indicators from an email against the data in the threat library and determine the associated risk, thus allowing prioritization and noise reduction.

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