McAfee Security Training

McAfee Security Training

Forensics and Incident Response — Back by popular demand

Are your security professionals built strong enough to secure & defend your company against hacker attacks?

Let McAfee take you there with the Forensics and Incident Response Education Services Training Course

The Forensics and Incident Response Education (FIRE) course offered by Foundstone® Services is a defensive weapon to help you normalize your environment after a negative event has occurred. Hackers and disgruntled employees are using sophisticated tools and backdoor programs to steal your intellectual property and expose sensitive information— and they can cover their tracks in the process. The course will provide you with the forensic techniques to identify, respond to, and recover from both an insider and outsider attack. This comprehensive, technically detailed course enables you to successfully respond to incidents and reinforces your security posture. Our security training features interactive demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises.

Promo Price: £2,288 GBP**
**The price listed is McAfee pricing, you must choose your preferred distributor and raise a request as their prices may differ.

Monday, September 07th – Thursday, September 10st, 2020

Location: Virtual classroom

Gain the skills you need to proactively defend against the latest security threats. Our comprehensive security training will help your IT professionals gain proficiency in best practices to implement your security strategy and better respond to incidents.

Don’t risk it, it can cost you a LIFETIME of work to re-capture everything. Build the confidence and ability to help your team react immediately to an incident with this training.