McAfee Security Pulse Webcast: Web Gateway Public Cloud Architectures

McAfee Security Pulse Webcast: Web Gateway Public Cloud Architectures

Public clouds offer convenience, cost savings, and the opportunity to shift from a capital expenditure to an operational expense model. They also offer highly scalable and flexible infrastructure; often more than most organizations could accomplish on their own.

Defending against sophisticated threats from the web takes advanced technology, but it doesn't have to drive cost and complexity. Delivering web security from the cloud enables security teams to gain the same benefits of advanced threat protection as on-premises appliances but without the cost of hardware or the resources used to maintain it. As more web access occurs outside the network perimeter, the cloud becomes the consistent point of contact for devices and users as they roam.

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Featured Speaker

Tarun Mann

CISSP, CCSP Web Protection Specialist, McAfee
Tarun Mann is a Web Protection Specialist with McAfee. In this role, he works with Enterprise customers to architect, test, and deploy effective web security solutions customized to meet the needs of the organization. Tarun has over 15 years of experience in information systems security, with focus on content and cloud security.