On-Demand Webcast

McAfee MPOWER – Announcement Highlights

In October 2019 McAfee hosted its annual MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit, bringing together thought leaders, developers and other security professionals to share the latest insights from our ever-changing industry and collaborate on fighting cybercrime together.

With the event taking place across 3 days and featuring multiple keynotes, special guests, training sessions, group meetings and 81 separate breakout sessions we can’t bring you everything our attendees experienced – but we can now offer the opportunity to catch up on the series of product announcements that formed a central part of the content.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Hear about McAfee’s new Enhanced Remediation feature for endpoints
  • Discover the benefits of a Unified Cloud Edge solution
  • Learn how to change Threat Intelligence into actionable insights with the new MVISION Insights offering
  • Catch up on the latest enhancements to MVISION EDR
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about McAfee’s new announcements and existing products