Endpoint Security Storage Protection 2.0 Beta

McAfee Enterprise Engineering is proud to invite your participation in the upcoming Endpoint Security Storage Protection 2.0 Beta. We are seeking engaged customer participants to evaluate and provide feedback on the product’s features, functionality, and transition experience. Any customer that actively uses VirusScan Enterprise for Storage are welcome to participate. We also welcome any new customers interested in learning more about protecting their NAS devices.

We know that this transition is a key program for many of our existing Storage customers, and we want to support you as you kickstart your planning. Teams are standing by to facilitate any feedback, questions, or concerns that may arise during this program


New Features

  • Integrated into McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.7 as a module
  • V3 DAT Compatibility
  • Protection of Storage Components (Files/Registries/Processes) using Self-Protection
  • New Enhanced Chromium-based ENS UI


Release Availability

  • Beta drop #1 – June 23rd, 2021
  • Beta drop #2 – August 3rd, 2021
  • GA date will be confirmed as the Beta progresses. Currently targeting August/September.

Key Product Details

  • Endpoint Security Storage Protection has feature parity with VirusScan Enterprise for Storage.
  • Supported platforms remain the same as VSES 1.3.0. Details are available in KB74863.
  • No migration tools are required when transitioning from VirusScan for Storage (VSES) 1.3 to Endpoint Security Storage Protection (ENSSP)

    • VSES 1.2 requires ePO-side migration to version 1.3 prior to upgrading directly to ENSSP due to workflows which exist prior to this release.
  • Both NetApp (RPC) and ICAP protocols are supported, as they are with VSES.
  • Endpoint Security Storage Protection Beta package will carry a version of ENS that is unique to the Beta. If a previous GA version of ENS is installed first, it will upgrade Platform and Threat Prevention to the carried version.


Beta Scenarios

Testing scenarios will be provided to you as a part of your Beta package. You will be given detailed instructions and will be asked to provide responses to some general questions. Open evaluation based upon your own key scenarios is also highly encouraged and feedback is desired.



Please send any questions and feedback directly to engineering at MBStorageProtection_@McAfee.com. Our development teams will be standing by to assist.


Package Platform
Standalone Deployment Package Windows Server Only
ePO Deployment Package Windows Server Only
Beta Test Scenarios Windows Server Only
Release Notes Windows Server Only