McAfee Device-to-Cloud DLP

McAfee Device-to-Cloud DLP

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In a world where most of your sensitive data is moving to the cloud, seamless and universal data protection across multiple environments is critical. That is where the power of McAfee comes in. With McAfee device-to-cloud DLP, your organization will:

  • Experience a smooth upgrade—Connecting on-premises and cloud DLP is as easy as one click.
  • Achieve consistent data loss detection—No need to make changes on several consoles.
  • Access a single view for incident reporting and management—You no longer need to switch consoles to view incidents and reports.

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How McAfee protects your data in the cloud

Simplifying audits and compliance

The typical organization handles 3.2 billion data transactions in the cloud. With that volume of activity, it's essential to have a security solution that gives you a single pane of glass to manage data protection policies across all endpoints and the cloud.

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McAfee Device-to-Cloud DLP

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